Bekijk hier de laatste ontwikkelingen rondom Moyee…

YEAH! Sitting on a dock of Lokaal Edel. With my toes dipped in the water while starting the day with an espresso with some radical impact. Sounds good, right?WELCOMING OUR NEWEST CHANGE MAKER: EDEL!
Are you ready for the next batch filled with caffeine and impact? I bet you are!Get your FairChain coffee, roasted at Moyee Coffee Ethiopia, here!
They met in 2012 and the rest is history!WE. ARE. OUT. THERE!#radicalimpact #fairchaincoffee
Take a pick!
Do you feel the change! WE DO!Guido is now in Ethiopia to kick start EPISODE 2. Stay tuned impact makers!
Take a look at how we trying to take this thing called transparency to the next level. #blockchain #fairchain #farmersThis is how we try and reach the poorest of the chain; Pay them a FairChain premium. More is coming!

check  voor het verhaal achter de koffie..

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